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Galata Tower

A 55 meter tower providing a panoramic view of the old town, Galata Kulesi was built by the Genoese as part of the defense wall surrounding their district of Galata directly opposite Byzantium (Constantinopolis). The Genoese used to trade with the Byzantines and the tower was used for the surveillance of the Harbor in the Golden Horn. After the conquest of Constantinople by Mehmet II it served to detect fires in the city. The tower now houses a restaurant and a night club. Today there is an elevator but there are still three more floors to climb by stairs to get on the panoramic terrace. Galata Tower is seen clearly from some of our rooms.

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A 33-item protocol including COVID-19 and hygiene rules and practices has been prepared for the hotel in general.

A social distance plan is prepared for general use areas.

At the arrival during check-in the guests get  a message to their mobile phones regarding COVID-19 measures and practices in the hotel and if requested, this information is given in writing also. In addition, visual information about the rules and social distances applied/to be followed in places where the guest and the staff can easily see is provided throughout the property. There are social distance markings wherever a queue can occur.
Guests are welcomed with contactless thermometers, disinfection mats and hand disinfection at the entrance to the facility. Personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves are provided to be given to guests upon request.
As far as possible, contactless payment is charged.
Signs and written information regarding the use of elevators in accordance with social distance rules are provided.
The breakfast room and lobby are arranged as 1.5 meters between tables and 60 cm between chairs side by side in accordance with the social distance plan.
Breakfast is served by the service staff. Care is taken to maintain physical distance rules and avoid contact during service.
In general usage areas there aren’t any tea/coffee machines, water dispensers and beverage machines. The guest receives service through the service personnel. After each guest use, the cleaning of dining tables and furniture, tabletop equipment (except disposable ones) are made with alcohol-based products.
Alcohol-based hand antiseptics/disinfectants are available at the entrance of general usage areas and all the toilets.
Reservation system is applied in the gym. The Gym can only be used for 45 minutes and a maximum of 2 people sharing the same hotel room. After each use, cleaning of the usage area and equipment is ensured with hygiene material in accordance with the standards.
Regular health check of the staff is carried out.
All staff are given special training in epidemics and hygiene.
Non-contact fever measurement is applied to the staff at the entrance.
Staff is provided with personal protective equipment (such as masks, gloves, visor masks, etc.) suitable for possible contact with the guests and the environment and the use of hand disinfection is monitored.
Daily cleaning and hygiene of the staff’s clothes are provided.
The shower-toilet and rest areas of the staff are arranged in accordance with the social distance conditions.
The necessary precautions have been taken to ensure minimum human contact of people who are temporarily accepted to the facility due to supply of goods or other reasons (repair, maintenance, etc.).
All areas are cleaned with disinfection materials in accordance with the standards according to the nature of the surface and with proper frequency. Floors of WC, toilets, urinals, sinks, taps, door handles are frequently cleaned and disinfected. Liquid soap is kept constantly.
Periodic maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning system, other tools, equipment, materials, equipment such as dishwashers and sterilization of the necessary ones are provided.
Hand-touched surfaces such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons, electrical buttons, pos device, television control, telephone, room card, water heaters in the rooms are frequently cleaned with disinfectant.
During the stay, the room is only cleaned when the guest wishes.
Guest rooms, surfaces that are touched by hand and equipment such as telephone, TV remote controllers, kettles, door-window handles are cleaned with disinfected products after the check-out of the guests.
Guest bedroom cleaning is done by the housekeeping wearing masks, using disposable gloves for each room.
Check-out rooms will be not given to another guest on the same day.
Towels, bed linen, pillows and sheets are collected separately and washed separately.
Natural ventilation of closed areas is frequently provided. Filters of air conditioners/ventilation systems are changed frequently.
There are gray colored waste bins in general areas for the guests and staff. It is stated that these bins are only for materials such as masks and gloves and these wastes are not combined with other wastes during disposal.
Cleaning and hygiene of the kitchen and related areas, all kinds of equipment and equipment used in the kitchen, counter and storage areas are made regularly.
Non-duty staff cannot enter the kitchen areas.
All foods are stored in closed cabinets or covered. In order to prevent cross-contamination, foods prepared with untreated foodstuffs are stored separately in the kitchen.
Kitchen personnel use work clothes and personal protective equipment during the work, regularly wash and disinfect their hands.
Service items in the entire hotel are washed in dishwashers.